When Life is Overwhelming and Ice Cream is the Answer

When Life is Overwhelming and Ice Cream is the Answer

Life isn’t always neat and tidy.

In fact, I don't know if it ever is.

Even in my most enlightened moments when I come up for air and experience profound clarity, I still feel like there’s a current of confusion, worry, angst, or doubt lurking somewhere in the corner of my being.
This feeling of worry, overwhelm, and the unknown used to lead me to binge. I would just want something to FILL the void. I wanted a REASON to feel the way I felt, to answer the big questions I had that couldn’t be answered, to snap me out of the Great Mystery in which I was unwillingly lost.
I would resist my moments of darkness. I would dispel them, run away from them, judge myself for being “dramatic” or “emotional,” and do my best to contain and control myself and get myself "back in line."
Self-policing with food was one way I’d try to snap myself back in line. And when the food police siren went off, the inner binge rebel would retaliate. Cue the ice cream.


More and more I am realizing that our power as women is rooted in the mystery of menstruation and the moon.

Women, we are not linear. We are cyclical. Like much of nature, we move through phases—as the day moves through morning to midday to night, as the seasons move through fall to winter to spring, so we move through changes and shifts in our energy, insight, and gifts. 

It's truly a miraculous process that links women so deeply with nature, and I truly believe that learning how to work with and harness our menstrual cycles sets us up to be far more powerful, abundant, and satisfied in our lives than many of us imagine possible. 

If you no longer bleed or your body is taking a break from bleeding, I invite you to "work with the moon." This means, focus on each phase of the moon and the attributes associated with it in the information below.

Honor Your Body Challenge Day 5: Self-Touch and Anointing

One of the most powerful ways I have learned how to honor my body and develop a beautiful relationship with it is through self-touch and anointing. 

I was raised in a religious environment where self-pleasure was considered a sin. Where my body was seen as a dangerous, dirty, and shameful place to inhabit. The idea of touching myself and deriving pleasure from it flew in the face of the culture in which I lived. 

As you can imagine, learning how to touch myself and enjoy it has been deeply transformative for me. Not only has it helped me overcome the perpetual sense of shame and guilt I used to feel, self-touch has also helped me understand how my body likes to be touched, which has improved my intimate relationships with others.