Let's Get Uncomfortable

Let's Get Uncomfortable

For many of us, life is uncomfortable. 

Especially right now.

Not only do we have busy, hectic lives, heartache in our relationships, fears in our own blossoming, wounds from our past—but also, the world feels really fucked up right now. Weird shit is happening, people are dying, starving, fighting... We're surrounded by all this concrete, buzzing, anger, mania, and confusion. 

It's not an easy time to be alive, to say the least. 

It's tempting to want to numb out right now. For many of us, that means eat. Eating helps to soften the blow, soothe our nervous system, and it tells some part deep inside of us that we're safe, we're okay.

Even if we're not always aware of it, eating helps us cope with the current discomfort of everyday life.

We Teach What We Need To Learn

We Teach What We Need To Learn

"I'm so ashamed that I can't stop eating donuts," 

My client said this morning, "Especially since my identity is so wrapped up in eating healthfully."

"We teach what we need to learn," I responded. And the truth of that has been sinking in all day.

I'm staying at my childhood home for a few weeks while my fiancé Jordan is back in Australia looking after our house. It's nice to be back in a country that feels so familiar and so joyful in its summer abundance.

But I notice that being here is allowing for all kinds of ancient patterns to emerge... I even weighed myself for the first time in years! 

The Magic of Buying Clothes That Fit

The Magic of Buying Clothes That Fit

I used to wait until I'd lost weight to buy nice clothes.

Or, I'd buy clothes that were too small for me, preparing for the time when I'd be thinner. 

I'd keep jeans that were 2 sizes too small in my dresser. Every once in a while I'd try them on to see how much "progress" I'd made. 

One day, my friend Suzanne advised me to chuck out my jeans. She said that although I might lose weight sometime in the future and miss my jeans, I could always buy more. But that having them in my dresser was only keeping me in a space of self-shame.

Tossing my expensive skinny jeans terrified me because it felt like failure. But getting rid of that toxic reminder that I wasn't good enough was one of the most powerful things I did for myself.