I offer personal transformational journeys to help women feel at home in their bodies, at peace with food, and joyful in their lives.


inside every woman is a blueprint for ultimate beauty, health, and intuitive power. it's time for yours to be revealed.

Our journey isn't based on diets, restrictions, counting calories, or intense workouts. Rather, we follow pleasure, intuition, and we work to rekindle a deeper connection to the body you call home. 

Instead of a crash diet where you get results as quickly as you lose them, the techniques we cover together will last a lifetime. 

Here are a few of the topics we will explore together:

  • INTUITIVE EATING: How to eat what your body wants, not what your mind wants
  • JOYFUL MOVEMENT: Retraining the mind-body connection to enjoy movement, so it's no longer a chore or a pain
  • PERSONAL SAFETY: The role of safety in your life, including creating and honoring personal boundaries, cultivating your financial garden, and befriending your inner-critic
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING: We emotionally eat for very good reasons, and we examine how your body is trying to protect you through food and work together to heal the emotional wounds hidden under food
  • DEEPER SATISFACTION: Stepping into alignment with your purpose, cultivating meaningful relationships, and finding what truly nourishes you beyond food
  • SEXUALITY: Healing sexual wounds and cultivating safety and freedom to explore and express your desires
  • SELF-EXPRESSION: Finding your true voice and sharing it with the world

Ready to transform your body and your relationship with food?

I’ve been working with Ali Dryja consistently for 6 months now and have discovered and claimed so many amazing things about myself in the process. Her approach is empowering, challenging and supportive. The best thing that has come from our work together is that my relationship with my body has completely changed. I now am in love with myself, my body and my life at a level I never thought possible.

With Ali’s help, I’ve discovered and built my own language of love that only my body and I speak together. I’ve released over 30 pounds of excess weight, completely shifted to a new healthy way of eating that suits my body and learned to use my voice to both protect and explore the boundaries of my own needs and desires.

I have 80 more pounds to loose on my journey into health and pleasure. I will continue to cherish Ali’s support through it.

If you’re curious about what your own ‘love affair with yourself’ could look like, take Ali’s offer for a free session. I’m so glad I did.
— Laura

Work with Lunar Magic in sacred sisterhood to Fall in Love with Your Body, create soulful bonds & Align with the Flow of Abundance

Our next cycle begins on the September equinox and moves through the March equinox. Registration begins august 1, 2017

HEARING The call 

We are at a time in history when women are being called to rise and embrace their feminine gifts that may have long ago been suppressed. It is time to bring balance to a masculine-dominated world, heal the earth, and make way for the future.

When we reconnect with our inner sense, the wisdom of our bodies, and our natural desires, we remember our Sacred Service and align with the flow of abundance.

tuning in 

It’s so important in our fast-paced, masculine-dominated world to check in with ourselves, regroup, turn off distractions, and tune into YOU – the way the moon affects you, the way your cycle moves you, the subtle yet powerful shifts you might be feeling that are influencing the way you perceive the world and the way you feel called to show up.

And when we take time to check in with ourselves in this way, we have access to insight, clarity, and direction. With this, we move into alignment with our soul's work. And that's when we call in all the goodness we're ready to receive.

our circle

It takes tremendous willingness, trust and intention to move inward and unveil who we really are and what we’re here to do—and you don’t have to do it alone.

You are invited to a sacred sisterhood to help support you and lift you up into who you're meant to be.

Saying YES to this journey is a commitment to yourself to consistently tune into YOU, so you can align with your inner guidance and blossom in the way your soul intends.

Most importantly – you’ll be held in a place of support. A nurturing, healing, and empowering space of sisterhood – of women doing incredible things in the world. Inspiring each other and lifting each other up to each individual’s own version of abundant living.

the moon 

We will learn about the moon – not from necessarily an intellectual standpoint (although we’ll do a bit of that), but more from a feeling space. A mystical space. A space of ritual, magic, and intention.

Working with the moon is a powerful way to tap into the darker, more mysterious side of ourselves. Not darker in terms of good or bad, but rather the parts of us that may be hidden or tucked away. The parts of us that may be yearning to be welcomed home.

We’ll explore moon meditations, moon mapping, and tap into the wisdom of our menstrual cycle and how we can leverage it to our fullest potential. 

We’ll also be learning about astrology and what your chart means – how the configuration of the planets when you were born reveal what you’re here to do on this planet.

our bodies

Our bodies offer such profound insight when we slow down enough to listen. Listening to our bodies can help us remember our purpose. It can connect to the wisdom of the Earth, to our ancestors, and each other. 

Our circle is a place or us to learn about our bodies… How they are affected by the moon, the world around us, and what they are deeply desiring, what they’re really hungry for.

In the spirit of abundance, we will also heal "scarcity eating"—eating in a way that assumes there isn't enough food or that you have a bottomless pit inside of you that can never be satisfied. Through our collective study and practice, we will move into "abundance eating," where we release restriction and embrace the abundance of food available in our lives and on the Earth. 

Our group is held at the time of the year when the Earth manifests her abundance in the Northern Hemisphere – from April until the last harvest on Halloween, when life is sprouting up, blossoming, and bearing fruit.


We’ll be working with lunar phases, earth energies, ritual, and sacred sisterhood. Therefore, anything you commit to or intend in this space gets radically amplified. I am continually in awe of what happens when women come together in collaboration and work with the natural tides of energies around us.


For 6-months, from equinox to equinox, we will have:

  • 2 group calls each month, one near the new moon and one near the full moon. These calls are adjusted based on the phases and energies of the moon.
    • Each call lasts one hour, and we have the opportunity to check in with each other, dive deep to access our inner truth and what’s really going on for us, and then share, support, set intentions, and explore tools, practices and meditations applicable to the moon and our collective journey
  • You’ll also have one 1x1 call with me each month for individualized support. This is your time to really dive deep and get rooted in what you’re being called to create.
  • You will be part of a private Facebook group in which we can exchange love and support, and create a network of amazing, soul-centered, powerful women.


As we will be playing with the energies of abundance, we are called to remember that receiving is a mirror reflection of what we give.

Monthly investment: $250/month for 6 months

Discount: If paid in full, receive a 10% discount for a total of $1,350 (reduced from $1,500)



Registration opens August 1, 2017

I commit to exploring what would be most supportive for you - not simply selling my program. Alignment is our guide. 

Feel free to reach out to me with interest or questions at ali@alidryja.com. 


Discover the power within you to embody what you desire

Find out what's happening for you a spiritual level, what your future holds, and what will happen if you make empowered choices

card readings available worldwide via Skype

$60 usd / 30 min

$100 usd / 1 hour

Ali’s tarot card reading was incredibly powerful for me. It gave me the push I needed to get moving and make some very important changes in my life. She hooked into my energy instantly, which allowed me to feel deeper and more clearly. Her intuition is golden.
— Frances
I was lucky enough to receive a reading from Ali recently. Not only did Ali’s reading open my eyes to where I should be focussing my energies, but she did so in such a compassionate and loving manner that I truly felt I was talking with an old friend. Ali was open, respectful and genuinely passionate about me and my reading. She is insightful and intuitive. Whether you have a specific area you need to focus on, or you are looking for more general inspiration I can highly, highly recommend Ali.
— Anna Louise